A & W Moore’s Wine Cellars are designed with available space in mind. Even if there are any obstacles, we can usually find a solution. We can tailor our wine storage to meet client’s specifications. Our wine racking is all hand-crafted from quality materials.


Wine cellars can be challenging to design, as wine cases, bottle shapes, and sizes need to be taken into account. In fact, when planning a wine cellar there are several factors to consider with regard to the design. Wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy are often bought in wooden cases and these can be stored in wine case stands made from wood or metal.

All of our wine racks will store standard 75cl wine bottles and Moët style champagne bottles. For Bollinger, Krug, Dom, Perignon champagne bottles we manufacture special champagne racks, specifically designed to suit larger diameter bottles.

Consideration also needs to be given as to whether storage will be needed for magnum or half bottles and what sort of quantities will be required.

We have a number of different guides to help in the Design process of your cellar, also our Traditional Wine Racks can be mixed with wooden case racks and wine storage cubes/bins. The sizes of the cubes can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the wood and metal racking.

Wine Cellar Wood and Metal Bottle Storage

Galvanised Steel and Wood Racking is economical and easy to use. It can be stained or left Natural pine. to see more on our Traditional wine racks including Double Depth, Arched and Custom Designs.

Solid Oak Wine Bottle Storage

Check out our Solid Oak Racking for more details on Oak Racking, Cubes, Case Racks, Plinths and Tops

Wood and Metal Wine Storage

Check out our Solid Pine Racking for more details on Pine Racks, Cubes Case Racks, Plinths and Tops


Our Cellar Accessories include Air Conditioning Units, Bottle Tags and Label Protectors.

There are several Factors of Ageing your Wine which will ultimately affect the taste and longevity.

Temperature: this is a critical factor, Ideally, your cellar’s temperature should remain between 8 and 14 degrees celsius. Air Conditioning units are vital in any cellars.

Movement: frequent vibration or agitation of the wine bottles is detrimental to long term ageing of the wine as it risks moving the sediment, which will affect its taste, texture, and therefore quality. Bottle tag Add in the sorting and organisation of your wine to decrease the movement.

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