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Wine Racks Manufactured by A&W Moore in the UK since 1977

A & W Moore Wine Racks have been manufacturing wine racks in the UK since 1977. We are a family-run business, providing a comprehensive range of high quality wine racks and wine cabinet storage solutions. We have built our reputation on building bespoke wine racks using only the finest materials, to not only provide you with bespoke storage solutions that are tailor-made for your wine cellar, but also to ensure that no matter the wood or metal you choose, your wine storage solution will preserve your wine or champagne for generations.

Our reputation for quality products at affordable prices, combined with great personal service, means that we now have loyal clients from every corner of the globe, as well as across the United Kingdom. From luxurious hotels to countryside restaurants and private residences, choose from our large collection of oak wine racks or more contemporary wine cabinets to find your perfect fit.

Wine racks are an essential requirement for anyone who collects and enjoys fine wine. Apart from being functional in helping to store your bottles in the correct position, they have also become a central element to a modern or rustic decor. We specialise in the manufacture of elegant, sophisticated, made to measure wine racks and cabinets for home or commercial purposes, whether you are looking to create your wine cellar, organise a wine tasting, or would simply like to display your wine in your kitchen or shop.

For those who do not have a cellar, a decorative wine cabinet is an ideal alternative for storing wine and accessories. These handy storage units are not only an elegant way to store your bottles of wine and make sure they are preserved at their very best, but have also become an iconic piece of furniture.

With multiple designs to suit modern or traditional décors and commercial or residential budgets, you will certainly be able to find your ideal wine storage solution amongst our vast range, all sublimely marrying modern, traditional and good craftsmanship. We can also manufacture bespoke cabinets to suit the quantity of wine to be stored, which you can find out about using our wine rack dimensions calculator.

What They Say

The wine room you fitted is excellent. The shelving and racks installed have been perfect and are a great addition to my home.

Robert D.

Excellent, great service, thank you!

Tony F.

Thanks to the team at Wine Racks for a great product.

Richard J.

I would like to thank all the team for a great product and fantastic delivery service

Alun B.

Thank you very much for an excellent job done, we are very pleased!

Jos K.

We’re very pleased with the wine cabinet and extremely grateful for the excellent service provided.

Tom H.

Thank you for the excellent installation of wine rack for our cellar. The job was carried out professionally, speedily and expertly. We are very please with the quality, aesthetics and lighting!

Tim & Cathy H.

Thank you very much for the superb job you have done with the design, construction and installation of my wine racks. The room looks fantastic and I’m sure will be a great place for us to store our wine.

Robert D.

Bespoke Wine Storage Solutions

Designed for your Needs

Here at A & W MOORE  we do everything to make sure you get the best Wine Storage possible what ever space you have available.

If you require any Assistance to Design your ideal Wine Storage please Contact us and we will guide you.

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Wood & Steel Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks by A&W Moore are subtly blended with the strength of steel to ensure solidity and longevity. We carefully design and manufacture all of our wine racks using only the highest quality wood and steel materials, creating traditional or more contemporary oak wine racks, as well as traditional pine wine cabinets.

Steel or wood are used to manufacture plinths; our wooden plinth options having useful adjustable feet that lift our wine racks clean off the floor. This is a design feature option which is particularly useful in situations where uneven flooring or damp or humidity could cause storage problems, not only damaging your furniture, but also possibly affecting the quality of your wine. Indeed, we aim to pay attention and address any potential issues or concerns which may arise, whether your wine bottles are stored in your kitchen, cellar, or in your shop.

Wine Cabinets for Storage & Display

Traditional wine racks are made from galvanised steel and high quality pine, which can be left natural or finished in a mahogany or oak stain for a smoother texture and shinier finish. The wood can also be treated with a special wood preservative if you are concerned with the humidity levels in the room where you intend to store your bottles. Customers looking for more decorative wine cabinets, rather than traditional wine racks, can have them specifically made using solid brass or stainless steel, as a substitute to galvanised steel.

Oak wine racks are also one of our most popular ranges, due to their more distinctive appearance, alongside solid pine wine racks, all having the option to be tailor-made for your wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, shop, hotel or restaurant.

To complement these bottle racks, we produce a range of wine storage bins or wine cubes which can be incorporated into the design of your wine cellar. Each bin holds 24 wine bottles in four triangular segments of six. These units are stackable and can also be used to create an entire wall of storage to display your bottles in your cellar or to be used as a wall decoration. These wine storage solutions can also be used individually. Why not also look at our range of wine case racks, which provide an ideal platform for the wine racks and storage bins.
Wine cabinets can also be manufactured in a more decorative fashion and designed with a modern and contemporary or traditional finish, using oak, mahogany and pine to suit your commercial or home décor, whilst also having the capacity to hold from 12 to 112 wine bottles.

Wine Racks for Wine Cellar

Wine cellars can be tedious to design, configure and navigate, which is why we will support and advise you throughout the entire set-up process, whilst also providing you with all the necessary wine cellar accessories and furniture. Indeed, when deciding on the best wine cellar storage solution, there are Four Factors to take into consideration:

Temperature: this is the most critical factor, as it can ultimately affect the quality and longevity of your wine. Ideally, your cellar’s temperature should remain between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. Small variations in temperature can occur depending on the time of year and season.

Humidity: this is a very important factor, as if your cellar is too dry, the corks can start to dry out and crackle, releasing oxygen into the wine. Reciprocally, if your cellar is too humid, the labels on the bottles can spoil and in extreme circumstances, fungus can start growing on the bottles. Air conditioners can help remedy this problem, although ones not specifically designed for wine cellars can often make the atmosphere very dry. This is why at A&W Moore, we also supply a range of wine cellar air conditioners which you can buy online and are suitable for wine storage as they control the temperature and humidity levels.

Light: a cellar should always be kept dark as much as possible, avoiding sun rays as ultraviolet rays can severely affect the quality of your wine.

Movement: frequent vibration or agitation of the wine bottles can be detrimental to the long-term ageing of the wine, as it risks moving the sediment, which will affect its taste, texture and therefore, quality.

Wine Cellar Storage

Wine cellars can also be challenging to design, since wine cases, bottle shapes and sizes need to be taken into account. In fact, when planning a wine cellar, there are several factors to consider with regard to the design. Wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy are often bought in wooden cases and these can be stored in wine case stands made from wood or metal.

Our wood modular and standard traditional wine racks will store standard 75cl wine bottles and Moët style champagne bottles. For Bollinger, Krug or Dom Perignon champagne bottles, we manufacture special champagne racks, specifically designed to suit the rounded bottom shapes of the bottles.
Consideration also needs to be given to whether storage will be needed for magnum or half bottles and what sort of quantities will be required.

Wine Racks Exclusively Made In The UK

Made only in the UK, we lovingly design and manufacture our wine racks and wine cabinets at our factory in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, ensuring the provenance and therefore quality of all our materials and assembly processes.
For any enquiries, or if you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
With regular shipments leaving our factory to worldwide destinations, we are confident that our range of quality wine storage solutions, products and accessories will meet the needs of all wine tasters and wine lovers across the world, from the avid aficionado to the true connoisseur.

Whether you are simply looking to store and preserve a few bottles until their optimum ageing year, or would like to proudly display your wine or champagne collections, A&W Moore’s wine racks and cabinets will provide you with the ultimate wine storage solution for your house or commercial enterprise.

For the latest news, tips, or advice on wine, champagne, tasting, storing and enjoying, have a look at our wine blog.

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