At A & W MOORE we believe that the foundation of any great Wine Cellar is a good temperature control System. In the good old days, an underground cellar might have created the ideal stable environment for a wine cellar but these days it is very uncommon.

Here are a few topics to consider when starting a Wine Cellar

Your wine is fragile. The ideal temperature is around 8°C – 14°C. Too much heat can ruin a great wine collection which is why you should use a suitable air conditioning system to maintain the optimum temperature. In colder locations, consideration should also be given to ensuring that the room doesn’t get too cold.

Controlling the humidity within your wine cellar is just as important as controlling the temperature. If the air in your wine cellar becomes too dry then this can affect the ability of the cork to seal in the wine. If the room is too damp, mould can form which, over time, can ruin your wine collection.
The process of controlling the temperature in your wine cellar has to be done carefully. The cooling or heating of your cellar should be done in such a way that it does not dry the air too much.

Quiet operation
Our air conditioning systems are quiet. Nobody wants a noisy, industrial monster disturbing the peace. Acoustic foam, extra quiet fans and highly optimised power saving features ensure that the sound levels are kept to an absolute minimum. Even our highest powered units generally produce less than 47dB at just 1m from the unit.

Build quality
As with all of our products, the air conditioning units we supply are built to last with high quality components and an emphasis on efficiency. You really can trust these units to protect your wine collection.

Air Conditioning

Keeping your wine at the optimum temperature is essential to preserve the investment you have made in your quality wine collection. We have a range of air conditioning options to suit your wine cellar


Fondis C25 Wine Master

Check out our Full Range of Fondis internally and externally vented air conditioning units.

Wine Cellar Conditioner

Check Out the Features of the Monobloc Koolspace Magnum, internally vented air conditioning units.

Bespoke Air Conditioned Wine Cellars

We can use almost any free space in your house, garage or out-building to make your bespoke wine cellar. We recommend this option for the more serious wine collector, who may be looking to building and better preserving their collection.
For advice on bespoke wine cellars and insulation please contact us.

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