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Wine Racks & Wine Cabinets For Home & Commercial Wine Storage Solutions by A&W Moore

Wine Racks - Introduction

Established in 1977, A & W Moore is a family-run, UK company providing a comprehensive range of high quality wine storage and display solutions. Our reputation for quality products at affordable prices combined with great personal service means that we now have clients in every corner of the world as well as across the United Kingdom.

Wine racks are an essential requirement for anyone who collects and enjoys wine. Apart from being functional by storing your bottles in the correct position they should also be attractive in appearance.  We specialise in the manufacture of elegant, sophisticated, made to measure racks that are right for your collection and budget.

For those who do not have a cellar a decorative wine cabinet is an ideal alternative to racking for storing wine and accessories. These handy storage units are not only an elegant way to store your bottles of wine they are also an attractive item of furniture. With multiple designs to suit your décor and budget, we're sure we can find the right one for you while offering the ultimate blend of quality, cost, and craftsmanship.  We are able to manufacture bespoke cabinets to suit the quantity of wine to be stored.

Wine Racks - The build quality

Our wine racks blend the strength of steel with the subtlety of wood. Lovingly designed and manufactured at our factory in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England (UK), whatever the combination of materials chosen, our wine racks are designed for both strength and durability.

We can manufacture our own plinths from stainless steel or wood. Our wooden plinth options have useful adjustable feet that lift our wine racks clear off the floor. This is a design feature option which is particularly useful in situations where uneven flooring or damp could cause wine storage problems. Further proof of our attention to detail in the design and manufacture of our wine rack products.

Wine Racks - The options

Our customers have a wide range of options. Basic traditional wine racks are made from galvanised steel and high quality pine, which can be left natural or finished in a mahogany or oak stain. The wood can also be treated with a quality wood preservative if you intend to store your bottles in a damp cellar. Customers requiring a more decorative look to their traditional wine racks can have them made from solid brass or stainless steel instead of galvanised steel.

For a more distinctive appearance we also manufacture a range of all wood modular wine racks which can be made from solid pine or solid oak and these are bespoke for each cellar or they are equally at home in a kitchen or dining room..To complement these racks we produce a range of wine storage bins or wine cubes which can be incorporated into the design of your wine cellar. Each bin holds 24 wine bottles in four triangular segments of six wine bottles. These units are stackable and can also be used to create an entire wall of storage. They can also be used individually.  Our range of wine case stands provides an ideal platform for the wine racks and wine cubes.

We also manufacture a range of attractive Wine Cabinets in modern and traditional styles which are made  from Oak, Mahogany and Pine to suit your décor, that hold between 12 and 112 bottles.


Wine Cellar

There are four main factors to consider when deciding on the best cellar storage for your wines. The most critical is temperature, which ideally should be between 10 and 14 degrees centigrade. Small variations in temperature can occur depending on the time of year, i.e. winter and summer.

Humidity is important. If too low the corks will start to dry out letting oxygen into the wine. Conversely, if the humidity is too high, the labels will spoil and in extreme circumstances fungus can grow on the bottles. Air conditioners which are not specifically designed for wine cellars often make the atmosphere very dry. A & W Moore can supply a range of cellar conditioners which are suitable as they control the temperature and humidity levels.

A cellar should be kept dark as ultraviolet light destroys the wine.

Frequent vibration of the wine bottles is not good for long term ageing of the wine as it risks moving the sediment, with detrimental effects.


Wine Cellar Storage

When planning a wine cellar there are several factors to consider with regard to the design. Wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy are often bought in wooden cases and these can be stored in wine case stands made from wood or metal.

Our standard traditional and all wood modular wine racks will store standard 75cl wine bottles and Moet style champagne bottles. For Bollinger, Krug or Dom Perignon bottles we manufacture special champagne racks.

Consideration also needs to be given as to whether storage will be needed for magnum or half bottles and what sort of quantities will be required.


Wine Racks - Our reputation

With regular shipments leaving our factory for worldwide destinations, we're confident that our range of quality wine storage products will meet the needs of all lovers of good wine everywhere, from the avid aficionado to the true connoisseur. And it's worth remembering that a good wine rack doesn't only place your precious collection on show; it also provides proof positive of your own sophistication and refinement!


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