Wine rack manufacturers in the UK since 1977, A & W Moore Wine Racks is a family-run company providing a comprehensive range of high quality wine racks and wine cabinet storage solutions. We have grown our reputation on building bespoke wine racks, using only the highest quality materials to not only provide you with the storage solution that is tailor-made for your wine cellar, but also to ensure that no matter which wood or metal you choose, your wine storage solution will preserve your wine or Champagne for generations. Our reputation for quality products at affordable prices, combined with great personal service, means that we now have clients in every section of the world, from luxurious hotels, to countryside restaurants, private residences and everything in between.

An essential accessory for anybody who enjoys and collects fine wine, wine racks are exceptionally functional in storing bottles in the proper position, whilst also being a central element of modern or rustic decor. At A & W Moore, we specialise in the manufacturing of elegant, sophisticated, made-to-measure wine racks and wine cabinets for home or commercial purposes, whether you are looking to build your wine cellar, organise a wine tasting for friends, or simply want to display your wine proudly in your kitchen or store.

Double Depth Wine Cellar Bottle Storage

Traditional wine racks are made from galvanised steel and high quality pine, which can be left natural or finished in a variety of stains for a smoother texture and shinier aspect. Moreover, the wood can be treated with a special wood preservative, which is particularly useful if you are concerned about the humidity levels of the room in which you intend to store your bottles. Customers looking for more decorative wine cabinets rather than traditional wine racks can have them specifically made using solid brass or stainless steel as a substitute to galvanised steel.

Oak Wine Bottle Racking and Case Racks

Due to their more distinctive appearance, our Oak wine racks are one of our most popular ranges, alongside the solid pine wine racks. Each have the option to be tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your wine cellar, home, shop, hotel or restaurant. To complement these bottle racks, we also have a range of wine storage bins or wine cubes that can be incorporated into the design of your wine cellar. Each bin holds up to 24 wine bottles, in four triangular segments of six. These units are stackable and can create an entire wall of storage to display your bottles in your cellar, or simply be used as a wall decoration. They can also be used individually.

Solid Pine Wine Storage

Pine Wine Racks are also one of our popular ranges. All of our products can easily be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your specific area. A & W Moore also produce a range of wine storage bins and wine cubes, which can be integrated into the design of your wine cellar. These units can be used to create an entire wall of storage to display since they are easily stackable. Case Racks also provide a solid foundation for your racks to be mounted on.

Metal wine racking cellar storage

We also supply All Metal Wine Racking which is custom designed by A & W Moore to suit your needs and are available for delivery and fitting throughout the UK.


Lockable Wood and Metal Wine Racking

A & W Moore wood and steel Lockable wine racks are the ideal solution for secure storage of wines. Manufactured in a variety of sizes to better suit your individual needs.

Wine Bottle Tray Showcase Unit

Our Showcase range combines shelves, trays and drawers, designed to accommodate wine cases and single wine bottles. The shelves provide easy access to the bottles and cases, since they are mounted on rollout runners.

This wine storage solution provides an eye catching display which will look beautiful in any home or commercial residence. As optional extras, plinths, tops and backs can be added at an additional cost.

Wine bar Wine storage Racks and Cubes

A & W Moore Wine Racks is a family-run company providing a comprehensive range of high quality wine racks and wine cabinet storage solutions. We have built our reputation on building bespoke quality products at affordable prices combined with great personal service means that we now have clients in every corner of the world as well as across the United Kingdom. From luxurious hotels, Shop, Restaurants and Bars.

Wood and Metal Centre Island

A Centre Island is an Ideal Storage solution in a large area as it provides all around storage and a Table top  which is great when tasting your wines.

Wine Bottle Display Tasting Rack

Wine tasting racks are the perfect way to display wine bottles on table tops or kitchen counters, or with our own Wine Racking they are ideal to place on the Worktop surfaces.

Whatever your needs or space you have available, we will help you in the design process to get the perfect Wine Storage for You!

We can turn most spaces into functional wine storage.

We can also hide pipe work, air conditioning units and other obstacles.

Wine Racks Exclusively Made In The UK

We lovingly design and manufacture our wine racks and wine cabinets at our factory in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, ensuring the provenance and therefore quality of all our materials. For any enquiries, or if you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

With regular shipments leaving our factory for several worldwide destinations, we are confident that our range of quality wine storage solutions, products and accessories will meet the needs of all wine tasters and wine lovers across the world, from the avid aficionado to the true connoisseur. Whether you are simply looking to display your wine or champagne collections, or want to store and preserve a few bottles until they reach their optimum year of ageing, A & W Moore’s wine racks and cabinets will provide you with the ultimate solution for your needs. For the latest news, tips, or advice on wine, champagne, tasting, storing and enjoying, have a read of our wine blog.

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