Wine Rack Storage Solutions throughout the UK.
Our wine bottle storage bins are made from solid pine and can be left natural or stained to several colours.

533mmH x 533mmW and 3 Different Depths 223mm, 298mm and 550mm

Wooden Wine Rack Colour chart - Oak

The wine cubes we manufacture at A & W Moore are available in various finishes. Please refer to the above chart to find the colour most suitable for your requirements.

Wine Bottle Storage Cubes

For damp conditions, our products can be treated with a special wood preservative. One bin can hold up to 24 wine bottles, with each segment in a triangle taking 6 wine bottles. Our storage bins can be stacked on top of each other or placed side by side, depending on the where you want to place them. They are manufactured in two different sizes; the 298mm deep cube takes the full length of a wine bottle and the 223mm deep cube allows the bottle neck to be visible.


We also manufacture double depth storage bins which hold 48 Bottles 550mm Deep.

If you are seeking to integrate the wine storage bins with a solid wooden racking or a traditional wine racking, then we also produce special sized storage bins which are made to fit easily into our racking, giving you the best storage possible.

For more details visit our Solid oak , Solid Pine  or Traditional wine racks  product pages.

Dimensions of our standard wine bottle storage bins:

Height: 533mm (21″)
Width: 533mm (21″)
Depth: 223mm (8.75″) or 298mm (11.75″) *

Wine Storage bin


Wine Storage Bins can hold 24 bottles of Wine, with two depth sizes 298mm which fully holds the bottles and necks and 223mm which allows the necks to be visible.  The Storage Bins can be left Natural Pine or Stained.

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Wine Storage Bins that hold 24 Standard Wine Bottles are 533m High and 533mm Wide with 3 Depth sizes, 298mm which fully holds the bottles and necks, 223mm which allows the necks to be visible and 550mm Double Depth that hold 2 bottles on in front of another.  The Storage Bins can be left Natural Pine or Stained.

Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Black  or Wood Preservative

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