Reasons to Buy a Wine Rack for Christmas

With Christmas only a number of weeks away, the savvy shoppers among us will have already started making preparations for gifts and entertainment. Custom-made wine racks not only provide the perfect present for wine lovers, but they also offer great storage options for the various bottles of wine that will undoubtedly be consumed during the festive period.

Whether you are have just started collecting, are a seasoned pro with a vast collection, or simply want an attractive and reliable place to hold your bottles over the holidays, we at wine racks believe there are several reasons why you should buy a wine rack for Christmas!

The perfect gift for wine fanatics

They already have the high-end corkscrew, a fancy set of wine glasses and endless prestige bottles from all over the globe, which you couldn’t possibly attempt to match. So what else is there to purchase the wine fanatic in your life? The answer is a beautiful, high-quality, bespoke wine rack!

With bespoke racks, you can determine the size, specifications and type of material you wish your gift to be made in. The choice is yours – whether it be traditional wooden, oak wine racks or even metal wine racks – we can help match your preferred material to your loved ones’ interior style, room size and bottle range.

By purchasing a made-to-measure rack from a proper wine rack manufacturer, as opposed to the pieces you might be pick up in a furniture shop, you are guaranteeing a better quality gift and are showing that you have put love and thought into choosing a unique present, just for them.

A place to store your festive bottles

No doubt, during the Christmas holiday period and New Year soon after, the average British family will typically consume more quantities of alcohol than at other times of year. Likewise, bottles of wine are a gift that many people tend to give to one another during the festivities.

This, coupled with the fact that you might have 20+ family members over at any given time, means you could certainly benefit from having somewhere to store all those extra bottles, freeing up space for your guests. As such, investing in a custom-built wine rack ensures a sturdy, affordable and space-efficient way to hold numerous bottles of wine.

Entertain guests over Christmas

Wine is to be shared and enjoyed, which is why wine racks and, better yet, entire bespoke wine cellars, offer a remarkable way to entertain guests over Christmas. Having a dedicated space to show off your precious bottles allows you to perfectly demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and passion of wine in an organised, attractive way.

Really, who wouldn’t be impressed (and slightly jealous) upon seeing a custom-built wine cellar in a friend or family member’s own home?

To order a unique gift for a loved one, or just to treat yourself, contact us today with your requirements and we can arrange for your custom-made wine rack or cellar to be built in time for Christmas.

Valentine’s Gifts for Wine Lovers

Valentine’s day fast approaching, you have most likely already started thinking about gift ideas for your wine loving other half, notably as that the special someone in your life has probably gotten you a fantastic gift that’s absolutely perfect for you. It would be something they would have been considering for some time, watching what’s been catching your eye and working out what would be a wonderful present for you.

Now it’s your turn to return the favour.

6 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers this Christmas by A&W Moore

Christmas now being right around the corner, you are probably jumping from shop to shop, trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Don’t fret, we at Wine Racks have put together a list of the best and most original gifts for wine lovers and winos this Christmas.

Whether you want something perfect and useful for a connoisseur or just want to poke fun at a friend’s wine obsession, this blog is for you!

Best Wine Accessories For The Summer

The deckchairs are out, the BBQ is on and the wine has been purchased. This only means one thing, summer has arrived once again. Here at Wine racks we are passionate about all things wine-related. So, If you are unsure of what to buy for those fun filled summer occasions, we have cautiously picked 9 brilliant wine consuming accessories, which can turn a summer party or gathering, into a truly memorable one.

Top 5 Gifts for Wine Lovers this Christmas

Whether we like it or not, it’s that time of year again – festive season is upon us! Here at Wineracks we’re passionate about all things wine-related. If you know someone who has a penchant for pinot or a takes a shine to sauvignon, here are five great gift ideas for wine lovers to get you started with your Christmas shopping.

1. Wine racks

Chances are, the wine-lover in your life has a budding collection that continues to grow, and without proper storage, they may be somewhat limited on space. Bespoke wine racks allow them to store their precious bottles with proper care, in the right conditions, meaning their wine can age correctly.

Our made-to-measure racks can be fitted to match any interior style or bottle preference, offering a completely unique gift that can be tailored to any requirements. Whichever size, colour or material you choose, our robust, high-quality wine storage options will make for the perfect present.

2. Lockable Bottle Stoppers

A fun gift for anyone who likes to keep the important things in their life safe! A fairly modern, tongue-in-cheek invention, these handy lockable bottle stoppers come with four digit combination codes to help keep prying hands at bay. Once opened, simply pop the stopper in your favourite bottle of vino and keep your prized possession as secure as possible.

As with standard bottle stoppers, it will also keep your wine fresh until you next decide to indulge. Stoppers are available in a variety of materials, including the sleek stainless steel, making them an ideal gift for many.

3. Wine bottle decanter

For friends who appreciate the finer things in life, a gorgeous, crystal glass decanter is suitable for dispensing both red and white wine. A fashion statement in their own right, these decorative decanters usually come with an ice bowl, which fits snugly underneath to keep white wines cool, while allowing red wines to be served at room temperature.

Pouring wine into a decanter exposes the contents of the bottle to oxygen, allowing it to aerate, which can enhance the taste and aroma.

4. Wine tasting experience

If your loved one is a person who enjoys experiences rather than tangible things, then a wine tasting session might be the perfect treat for them this Christmas. There are many venues, wine bars and wineries in the UK which offer regular tasting sessions or events, giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with one another, whilst tasting some wonderful new wines at the same time.

If getting out of the city is an attractive prospect, then taking your friend or family member to the countryside on a vineyard tour to learn about wine-making and sample some of the goods, will surely be a gift they’ll remember.

5. Electric bottle opener

Perfect for the techie in your life – an electric bottle opener allows them to open a bottle with ease, at just the quick touch of a button. Powered by batteries and very straightforward to operate, these are the ideal gifts for those who simply can’t wait to enjoy their wine!